Aylmer Accents

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Perfectly seasoned and pre-cut, Aylmer Accents is your simple solution to adding a kick of flavour to
everyday meals.

Aylmer Accents are expertly seasoned with herbs, spices and vegetables. We eliminate the guesswork
and do all the prep so you don’t have to!

Try all 9 flavours and discover the endless possibilities. Whether it’s for pasta sauce, soups, nachos or bruschetta, Aylmer Accents makes it easy to create an endless variety of appetizers and meals.



All Aylmer tomatoes are delicious, but Aylmer Accents have that little something extra special. They’re expertly seasoned with herbs, spices and vegetables. We do all the measuring so that you don’t have to!
Another plus is Aylmer Accents are pre-cut in a variety of sizes – a real time saver when it comes to meal prep.


Does your family love bruschetta but you just can’t find the time for all that meticulous cutting? Now you can! Aylmer® Accents® petite cut tomatoes are perfect for appetizers, dips and sauces.


Love tomatoes in your chili and tacos but always find the canned varieties too big or too small? Try Aylmer® Accents® diced tomatoes in your chili, taco and salsa recipes for that perfectly balanced cut you prefer.


Love the hearty addition of chunky ingredients in your soups and entrees? Try Aylmer® Accents® Chunky
cut tomatoes and add that delicious homemade spirit to soups, pasta & stews.