Brand Heritage

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The name “Aylmer” has
been around since the 1880’s
making it older than many
popular brands.
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The original Aylmer
Canning Company was formed
in 1881, and eventually grew
to over 50 plants across
the country.
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That's Why It was, and
Still is today,
canada's choice
in tomatoes!
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They did it through
superior quality products
and savvy marketing…
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…and the launch of some
great new products
like Aylmer Accents pre-cut and
perfectly seasoned tomatoes.
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Today, The Tradition of
Quality, passion and dedication
is carried on through the
hard work of our
canadian farmers
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Providing you with the
best canned tomatoes, in a
variety of cuts and flavours,
to make some of the best
meals for your family.

Information and photographs courtesy of the Aylmer-Malahide Museum & Archives.